Botox and Dermal Fillers Treatment in Whitefield - Envy Aesthetics, Botox and Dermal Fillers Treatment in Whitefield, Best Botox and Dermal Fillers Treatment in Whitefield, Botox and Fillers Treatment in Whitefield, Best Botox and Fillers Treatment in Whitefield

Botox and Dermal Fillers Treatment in Whitefield Botox has shown to be a trendy and successful method for minimizing or even getting rid of numerous face creases and lines. The primary goal of using Botox is to prevent the facial muscles that generate wrinkles rather than eradicate them. ...Read More

31st March, 2023

Laser Treatment in Whitefield for Skin Whitening - Envy Aesthetics, Skin Whitening Treatment in Whitefield, Best Skin Whitening Treatment in Whitefield, Laser Skin Whitening Treatment in Whitefield, Best Laser Skin Whitening Treatment in Whitefield,

Laser Treatment in Whitefield for Skin Whitening Laser treatments are an effective option if you're looking for a way to lighten up your skin without resorting to bleaching products. Envy Aesthetics offers Best Laser Treatment for Skin Whitening in Whitefield Laser treatments are on...Read More

31st March, 2023

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31st March, 2023

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31st March, 2023

Weight Loss – Envyaesthetics – Hair Transplant, Weight Loss Clinic In Bangalore

Best Weight Loss Clinic In Whitefield, Bangalore

Do you want to know about a comprehensive weight loss clinic that will assist you in eliminating the additional weight and unhealthy fat from your body? Are you searching for a customized treatment for weight loss that will deliver sustainable results? Envy Aesthetics Clinic has the right solution that can help to loosing your weight without affecting your health.

Being obese or overweight can be detrimental to your quality of life and health and can cause any of the following.

  • Increasing stiffness, sleeplessness, joint pains, breathlessness, and fatigue
  • The higher suffering risk from diseases due to poor sexual health and acute lifestyle
  • Significant reduction in the life years and increase in the mortality rate for a few years
  • An increase in the medical centric and hospitalization expenses
  • Weak communication skills, eating and mood disorders, impaired body image, and more

  • Envy Aesthetics Clinic encourages complete lifestyle transformation and offers long-term health advantages. We provide personalized solutions depending on the metabolic fingerprint, including vital parameters like current health condition, fat distribution, muscle mass, weight, body composition, and body mass index.

    Slimming, Shaping, And Sculpting Is Easy Now With Envy Aesthetics, Get Consultation From Experts Today!

    Envy Aesthetics Weight Loss Treatments

    Cellulite Removal

    Cellulite removal treatment or therapy is the soft tissue manipulation of the human body, including muscles, tendons, joints, connective tissues, and ligaments. The qualified doctors of the Envy Aesthetics Clinic apply the necessary pressure on the tissues in a particular pattern for normalizing the tissues, which offers several health advantages. They remove the additional cellulite through lipo massage therapy to enhance the blood flow by up to 400%. Treatment also assists in dispersing the body build-up and enhances the oxygenation of the cells. Through cellulite reduction, skin firming, and re-sculpting of the figure, Envy Aesthetics Clinic will treat the areas like saddlebags, abdomen, thighs and legs, and buttocks.

    Advantages of Cellulite Removal

    Cellulite removal treatment from Envy Aesthetics Clinic offers the following advantages.
    • Improvement in lymph movement and blood circulation
    • Higher flexibility
    • Help to relax the body and relief the stress
    • Relief and reduction of spasms and stiffness in the muscle tension
    • Easier and deeper breathing promotion
    • Improves the skin nourishment health
    • Posture Improvement
    • Connection of mind and body improvement
    • Reduction in the anxiety levels
    • Enhancement in collagen

    Cool Sculpting

    Fat freezing in the cool sculpting treatment by Envy Aesthetics Clinic is an FDA-approved and non-surgical process. The experienced and knowledgeable doctors of our clinic implement controlled cooling to get rid of stubborn fat, resisting all the efforts through exercise and diet. We offer long-lasting and noticeable results that will look great from each angle.

    The cool sculpting process securely delivers the controlled cooling to efficiently and gently target the fat cells present under the skin. The experts crystallize or freeze the treated fat cells and then destroy them. With time your body will process these fats naturally and terminate the dead cells, leaving a well-sculpted figure of yours. With this treatment, you might not weigh less but will look thin.   The cool sculpting of Envy Aesthetics Clinic will reduce nearly 20 to 25% of the fat cells in the treated segments. As a result, these fat cells cannot migrate to different body areas, and the other untreated fat cells remain as it is. Our doctors will offer you a clinical recommendation of the areas that need to get treated and how many sessions you will need for the treatment. They can deliver any result you want!

    EM Sculpting

    EM sculpting is a process that assists the patients in sculpting the body to perfection by building muscle. Envy Aesthetics Clinic provides this world-class buttock toning non-invasive procedure to clients at an affordable price. The process is dependent on high-intensity centric electromagnetic energy. A single session with our specialized doctors can create thousands of muscle contractions, which are exceptionally significant in improving your muscle strength and tone.
    We have the latest technology EM sculpting machine that will deliver HIFEM energy to the targeted muscle group. The energy will activate all the muscle fibers, resulting in contracting. The intensity and speed of these contractions are far more than any individual can attain voluntarily by working out. A single session of 30 minutes can induce 20000 contractions. You can sculpt the butt, belly, legs, and arms.

    Benefits of EM sculpting

    The advantages of EM sculpting are as follows.  
    • Scientifically proven and FDA cleared procedure
    • Fat reduction
    • Building muscle
    • 20000 supramaximal contractions for a single treatment
    • No downtime and painless
    • Define your abdomen
    • Firming and lifting your buttock
    • Sculpting your legs and arms
    • Chiseling your arms

    You can feel the difference in the results right after EM sculpting from Envy Aesthetics Clinic.

    Fat Freezing

    Fat freezing is a treatment that targets the human body fat cells and freezes them. This process is also known as cell death or apoptosis. The dying cells then move through the biological process of the human body and get terminated through the liver. Fat cells have higher sensitivity to the temperature than the skin cells, leaving the surrounding skin as it is. It is another advantage why people select fat freezing over other invasive treatments or therapies like liposuction. Fat freezing is a noninvasive and fat-reducing treatment, highly famous among people. 

    The primary areas of the body where the doctors of Envy Aesthetics Clinic apply the fat-freezing treatments are the arms, back, chin, thighs, and abdomen. We provide fat-freezing sessions to the client with the help of advanced technologies and assist you in achieving the targeted goals within a few sessions.

    Benefits of fat freezing techniques

    The fat freezing method comes with the following benefits.

    • Non-invasive and painless procedure
    • Smaller treatment time
    • Lower recovery period
    • A perfect result from the procedure

    So, schedule a consultation with the doctor of Envy Aesthetics Clinic today and start your freezing sessions!

    Skin Tightening

    The loss of firm, tightened, young and toned skin is something that we all miss with our age. But what if we could have wisdom with age but will never show on our skin or face. It is only possible with the next generation skin tightening treatment at Envy Aesthetics Clinic. We are delighted to bring another treatment from our clinic with the help of the advanced and latest technologies. The treatment is known as Intragen and is approved by USFDA to bring back your firm and youthful skin to give the perfect jawline contour. 

    Advantages of Skin Tightening by Envy Aesthetics Clinic

    The foremost advantage of skin tightening therapy is the process can bring back the young, toned, and firm skin again. Besides this, other benefits include:

    • Smoothing out the creases on the neck and forehead skin 
    • Reducing the look and age in an instant
    • Lifts saggy or loose skin efficiently
    • Removes fine lines, uneven frown lines, and wrinkles from the skin
    • Correct the skin texture and make it smooth and soft
    • Assists in maintaining the overall outlook and lifting the confidence level to sky high

    Envy Aesthetics Clinic includes state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities with a peaceful and relaxing ambiance. 

    Why Choose Envy Aesthetics

    At Envy Aesthetics clinic, all the doctors specialize in diagnosing the various reasons for weight gain, the fat type present in the client’s body, and the necessary treatment to reduce it. For this, they implement well-proven technologies for muscle strengthening, enhanced metabolic rate, and weight loss. It helps us to deliver long-term and sustainable goals to the clients.

    At Envy Aesthetics Clinic, we believe weight loss can be a sensitive and complex issue that requires a considerate and personal approach. We can surely transform your feel and look of the body. Let us now take a look at the reasons why people are selecting our clinic over others.

    Customized Treatment

    A team of well-skilled and experienced nutritionists, doctors, and therapists will design a customized plan after a thorough examination of the patient. We know each body is different. Thus a one size fits all treatment will not be suitable for all.

    Result Oriented

    We have already delivered more than 250000 successful treatments and therapies to our clients over the past ten years. We consider every individual client, consult and examine them thoroughly and provide result-oriented treatment lasting for years.

    Experienced Professionals

    Our team of in-house nutritionists, doctors, and trainers has years of experience in treating any complex weight loss-related problems. The professionals of Envy Aesthetics Clinic offer confidential, discreet, and dignified services with a personal consultation.

    All Treatment Under One Roof

    Envy Aesthetics Clinic is renowned for weight loss and other non-surgical and non-invasive treatments as well. If you are suffering from a hair or skin-related problem, our dermatologists are always there to help you in these treatments also.

    Slimming, Shaping, And Sculpting Is Easy Now With Envy Aesthetics, Get Consultation From Experts Today!

    What Our Cient Say

    Due to hectic schedules, wrinkles and aging have been a part and parcel of my work life. I saw an ad by The Envy Aesthetic, and consulted them for the same. The experts at TEC recommended Dermal Fillers Treatment to me, and I’m so glad they did. I’m happy to see the younger-looking me back to rock!

    Sikhar Sarma

    I have taken non-surgical weight loss treatment from Envy Aesthetics. Its very relaxing, painless and good treatment. I will recommend this to all should take once.


    I am very much satisfied with the treatment from Envy Aesthetics. It took at least 4 – 5 months to recover and now I can see the results which are very good and I am having clear soft skin now with no acne scars. Even the medicines doesn’t created any side effect on my skin.


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