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Hair Care Treatment

Best Hair Care Treatments offered at Envy Aesthetic, Bangalore

We focus closer in dissecting your hair before we conclude the treatment required.

Hair analysis is to diagnose the hair health, which includes:

  • Physical examination: To note scalp and hair health and quality.
  • Microscopic examination: To diagnose dandruff, Sebum secretion, Pore density, Pitch (distance between two pores), any other features.
  • Trichoanalysis :This method enables us to assess the hair formula i.e respective follicle counts in anagen, catagen and telogen phase. The hair formula helps us in establishing the severity of hair loss and selecting appropriate treatment.

Scalp Solutions

Scalp Clear Therapy

Fragrant healing based treatment, which helps in clearing dandruff, parasitic infection(seborrheic dermatitis) lice pervasion, fungus contamination. it helps in keeping your hair roots solid, remembers all awful impacts of pressure unwinds, mitigates your scalp, feeds the roots and animates frail roots to forestall hair fall, balding and hair harm.

Scalp Stimulating Therapy

This treatment helps in controlling hair falling caused because of hormonal, dietary, synthetic harm and climatic changes High end micronutrients and development factors are utilized in this treatment to improve hair development, fortify hair roots.

PRP for Hair Growth

PRP treatment for balding is a clinical treatment which mostly happens in three stages where a patient’s blood is drawn, handled, and afterward the last advance incorporates infusing it into the scalp. Different Research concentrates on show that PRP infusions will more often than not trigger regular hair development and furthermore keep up with it by infusing the blood supply to the hair follicle. This thus builds the thickness of the hair shaft. Some of the time this approach is likewise joined with other going bald methodology or prescriptions to accomplish better hair.

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